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Rescue Slug

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Save a Rescue Slug! Sometimes 3D printing isn't perfect, and Slug Friends end up with defects that make them unsellable at full price. However, they are still wiggly and adorable, and deserve a loving home and human friend like you. For $5 + shipping, you can adopt a Rescue Slug, have a very affordable little slug friend, and help us cut down on failed print plastic waste! 

If you order a Rescue Slug, the size and species of slug you receive will be random depending on what Rescue Slugs are available. Each Rescue Slug will still come with a Friendship Certificate unique to their species, AND a Rescue Slug Adoption certificate. 

Thank you for opening your heart and home to a Rescue Slug! 

Common defects include: missing bottom layers (causing holes in the slug at the bottom); two or more slug joints/sections fused together, limiting their articulation/mobility a little bit; broken eyes/tentacles; etc. All Rescue Slug adoptions are final. 

NOTE: The $1 price increase is due to cover the costs of the new custom slug packaging! 


UPDATE: As you may have seen on TikTok, I have outsourced my shipping to Verde Fulfillment, a local fulfillment center here in Boise. They are run 100% on green energy, all of their packaging is sustainable and eco-friendly, their staff is AMAZING & following along on the SlugTok adventure, and now I will have way more time to focus on homework, designing new products, and printing more slugs! However, all of the Rescue Slugs now have the same SKU/barcode on them, so we cannot currently accommodate species requests for Rescues. Thank you for understanding, and hopefully we can all just think of them as fun "Mystery Slugs"! Xoxo, Sierra