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November Slugcessories

November Slugcessories

Ever since I started making 3D Printed Slug Friends in early 2021, I have been dreaming up cute little slug hats. My focus and priorities were on finishing my Engineering degree, which left little time for designing slugcessories. BUT THE TIME HAS FINALLY COME! This is the second Slugcessory pack I have released. I am planning on putting out a new Slugcessory pack every month—COLLECT THEM ALL!  The November pack includes 6 Slugcessories: a turkey baseball cap, a whipped cream dollop, a pilgrim hat, a red football helmet, green glasses, and the November birthday hat.

All of the slugs I have sold since August 2021 have included magnetic heads, compatible with Slugcessories. If you bought a slug from 3D Printcess between March and August of 2021, shoot us an email with your original order number and we will send you a discount code for a Slugcessory compatible slug! 

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