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Moss Slug

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I have gotten overwhelmed with how many different species I offer, so going forward I am going to be mostly doing seasonal slugs. Before the holidays hit, I want to give you one more chance to get some of the most popular original species. In August, I sent out a People's Choice Poll and the winners were Plasma (duh), Radioactive Rose Gold, Moss, Goth, and Blood! Check out the People's Choice Collection to see the others.

I hope you love your little slug friends as much as I do! Please keep in mind that 3D Printing is a slow and time consuming process. Each slug takes ~10 hours to print. I am not an overseas factory mass producing little plastic toys. All of your slugs are made with love and support a small business! If cost is an issue, consider adopting a Rescue Slug: a slug with a small mistake or two, but still a wiggly, great slug deserving of love and a home (and not be thrown away to contribute to plastic waste)!  

Each slug includes a Friendship Certificate unique to its species.

And as always, more colors coming as soon as my printers can crank them out! I am accepting species (and future 3D printed product) requests in my TikTok comments.

Stay tuned. Xoxo,

Sierra Sandison

The 3D Printcess