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Moss Slug

Moss Slug

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Our 3D Printed Slug friends are popular amongst the neurodivergent community, and upon request we have created a line of neutral colored slugs for those who may be overstimulated by bright colors! 

I hope you love your little slug friends as much as I do! Please keep in mind that 3D printing is a slow and time consuming process. Each slug takes ~10 hours to print, and I am not an overseas factory capable of mass producing little plastic toys. All of your slugs are made with love and support a small business! If cost is an issue, consider adopting a Rescue Slug: a slug with a small mistake or two, but still a wiggly, great slug deserving of love and a home (and not be thrown away to contribute to plastic waste)!  

Each slug includes a Friendship Certificate unique to its species, and every slug sold since August 2021 has included magnets for Slugcessories! If you bought a slug in one of the first few restocks or are unsure if your slug has magnets in its head, email with your original order number. We will either let you know that your slug is compatible with Slugcessories, OR give you a discount code for a magnetic slug.

Please allow 2-3 business days for your order to ship! And as always, more colors coming as soon as my printers can crank them out! I am always accepting species (and future 3D printed product) requests in my TikTok comments.


Sierra Sandison

The 3D Printcess


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