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Custom Pet Mausoleum

Custom Pet Mausoleum

I am going to accept 5 custom pet mausoleum orders to see how it goes! I am not sure how long they will take me, so that's why I want to keep them a little limited for now. If they are sold out by the time you are reading this, be sure to subscribe to my email list which is where I will announce when/if I open up more custom order requests! 

Dumpling's mausoleum took 150 hours to 3D print (which doesn't even include assembly), so I am sorry they are so pricey but they take forever to make! 3D printing is a slow form of manufacturing, but I wanted to open the option for those of you who are wanting one for your pet. If all goes well, I will open up more custom orders as well once I finish the first 5. 

Dumpling's favorite color was purple, but I can make your mausoleum pretty much any color you would like! The lid is magnetic so it can come on and off easily, but is secured down. I can remove the little cheese and strawberry decor on the front doors, and replace it with symbols that represent your pet!

Once your order is placed, I will reach out and have you fill out a form about the customizable details of the mausoleum (What kind of animal gargoyles do you want? How big is your animal's "urn" that the ashes currently kept in? What color would you like it printed in? What is your animal's name? If you want an obituary, what would you like it to say? etc.!)

Thank you to whoever the 5 people are who are trusting me with their beloved pet's memorials, and thank you in advance for your patience as I accept my first custom orders ever! *nervous gulp*



P.S. Excuse the video screenshot that I am currently using as product photos! I wasn't expecting to sell these before I sent Dumpling's mausoleum to Arlo, but as soon as I make the first custom orders I will get better photos! 

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