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3D Printed Photos

3D Printed Photos

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Upload your 4x6 or 5x7 .jpg or .png file with the highest resolution available. If it is not cropped at a 5:7 or 4:6 ratio, we will do our best to crop it for you!
Choose what size photo you would like. Please ensure that the photo you upload is cropped at the correct ratio. If it is not, we will do our best to crop the photo to the correct size without cutting out any important details.
In order to be seen, your 3D printed photo needs to be backlit. We suggest adding a customizable frame so that you can hang your photo in the window and have it backlit with natural sunlight!
If you would like to tell us the story behind your photo, we love hearing them! Also let us know if you would like us to make a TikTok about it (no guarantees all photos will be made into TikTok videos, but we would love to do as many as we can!)
Add a customized message to be engraved at the bottom of your frame. 20 characters max.

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We are excited to launch 3D printed photos just in time for the holiday season!


Our photos use lithophane technology, which varies the thickness of the printed photo. The darker portions of the photos are printed thicker, blocking light from shining through, while the lighter sections are printed thin. When the photo is back lit, a beautiful grey scale rendering of your photo shines through.

We recommend buying our customizable window frame so that your 3D printed photos can be backlit by natural sunlight!

P.S. APPLE PAY AND AMAZON PAY DO NOT WORK TO PURCHASE THE CUSTOMIZED FRAMES! Please checkout using a regular payment method. Also, please note--when you customize your frame, it comes up as "Item Customizations" in checkout, and the quantity will be something really high. Don't panic--this is normal, and just how the app calculates your total. The price should be what you expect it to look like! :) 

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