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3D Printed Photo Lamps

3D Printed Photo Lamps



You guys have loved the window hanging pictures that are perfect for year round photo displays, but also wished there was a light-up option like the Christmas ornaments. Here is the best of both worlds: our custom 3D printed photo lamps! 


Our 3D printed photos use lithophane technology, which varies the thickness of the printed photo. The darker portions of the photos are printed thicker, blocking light from shining through, while the lighter sections are printed thin. When the photo is back lit, a beautiful grey scale rendering of your photo shines through. You can customize the base of the lamp with a message up to 30 characters, or leave it blank. The lamps plug in to the wall (as opposed to being battery operated) and have an ON/FF switch.

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Upload your photo with the highest resolution available. The photo will be printed on approximately a 3" x 3" area, so the bigger the faces, the better :)
What would you like engraved on the base of the lamp? You can also leave it blank if you prefer! (max. 30 characters)
Can we share your lamp in a TikTok video? If this is a surprise, or you just don't want it shown for any privacy reasons whatsoever, we understand!
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