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Collection: Spooky Slugs - 3D Printed Slug Friends


Thank you all for your support and patience since my slug TikTok first blew up! Slug Friends are finally here after hundreds of hours of printing various species and sizes (not to mention getting a business bank account, PO Box, a website, shipping materials, sales tax license, and all the other less fun stuff). 

I am so excited to launch my first product and begin my dream of having a 3D Printing business, and it is all thanks to you. I hope you love your little slug friends as much as I do! Please keep in mind that 3D Printing is a slow and time consuming process. Each slug takes about 10 hours to print, and I am not an overseas factory mass producing little plastic toys. All of your slugs are made with love and support a small business! If cost is an issue, consider adopting a Rescue Slug: a slug with a small mistake or two, but still a wiggly, great slug deserving of love and a home (and not be thrown away to contribute to plastic waste)!  

Each slug includes a Friendship Certificate unique to its species.

And as always, more colors coming as soon as my printers can crank them out! I am accepting species (and future 3D printed product) requests in my TikTok comments.

Stay tuned. Xoxo,


Sierra Sandison

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