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 - 3D Printcess - Tropical Beach Slug (PREORDERS)

Tropical Beach Slug (PREORDERS)

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NOTE ON PREORDERS: This is my very first time accepting preorders. I am doing a limited number (~150) and I have no idea if they will all "sell out" or not and am nervous about how long it will take me to make all of them. I am going on vacation for the end of June, and won't start actually making them until early July so PLEASE BE PATIENT but I am doing my best (and am so excited) to bring you the underrepresented pride slugs you deserve!! My rough estimate of when Tropical Beach slugs will ship out is the ~third week in July, but that is tentative. Thanks ahead of time for your patience, and I am SO excited to add a new slug to the pride collection!! 

Happy Pride Month!! I am SO excited to finally bring Pride Slugs back. Please keep in mind that 3D Printing is a slow and time consuming process. Each slug takes ~10 hours to print. I am not an overseas factory mass producing little plastic toys. All of your slugs are made with love and support a small business, and a portion of every pride slug sold will benefit the Transgender Law Center!

Each slug includes a Friendship Certificate unique to its species.

And as always, more colors coming as soon as my printers can crank them out! I am accepting species (and future 3D printed product) requests in my TikTok comments.

Stay tuned. Xoxo,

Sierra Sandison

The 3D Printcess