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Rescue Slug

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NOTE: This restock has NO non-magnetic Rescue Slugs

Save a Rescue Slug! Sometimes 3D printing isn't perfect, and Slug Friends end up with defects that make them unsellable at full price. However, they are still wiggly and adorable, and deserve a loving home and human friend like you.

If you order a Rescue Slug, the size and species of slug you receive will be random depending on what Rescue Slugs are available. Each Rescue Slug will still come with a Friendship Certificate unique to their species, AND a Rescue Slug Adoption certificate. 

Thank you for opening your heart and home to a Rescue Slug! 

Common defects include: missing bottom layers (causing holes in the slug at the bottom); two or more slug joints/sections fused together, limiting their articulation/mobility a little bit; broken eyes/tentacles; etc. All Rescue Slug adoptions are final.